Monday, July 24, 2006

It's always good in life for this

How many times can you watch a movie? I must have watched The Bourne Supremacy a few dozen times in the last couple of months and never seem to tire of it. A few reasons why I think it is so cool, in no particular order;

1. Matt Damon - Matt Damon IS Jason Bourne. Damon was Bourne to be Jason (Sorry, couldn't resist that).

2. The editing - I can't find one scene which is redundant and the story moves at a blistering pace

3. The camerawork - The camera moves so quickly and never stops. Almost shaky at times, the emphasis is on style rather than on the details of the action and it adds to the air of uncertainty.

4. Photography - Some of the photography is breathtaking. All the classic shots of world cities and I remember one stunning shot of an expressway curving around the snow covered mountains when Bourne is driving from Naples to Berlin

5. The background score - Fantastic. Fits the movie perfectly. I love all the tracks. Moscow Wind Up in particular

6. Extreme Ways - The awesome song by Moby at the end along with the credits. Can't think of a better song to end the movie with.

The title of this post is a line from Extreme Ways. And like it says, it's always good in life for this because it's one fantastically cool movie.


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