Saturday, September 08, 2007

Back from my holiday

Actually, I was back about 3 weeks back but couldn't find the time to post an account of my travels. Well, I don't have time even now! However, I shall post a few pictures of my trip so that you blokes know what you missed out on. I will try and make each post about a specific part of the trip and also write out a few lines where relevant.

My Itinerary went something like this:
Day 1 - Day 4 London
Day 5 - Day 6 Munich
Day 7 - Hohenschwangau
Day 8 - Day 9 Berlin
Day 10 - Trier & Bernkastel Kues
Day 11 - 13 Amsterdam

I flew from London to Munich but all the other journeys were in my spanking new car. More about the car later. I tried finding some online tool where I can draw out my Itinerary on a map but failed. If any of you know of such a map do let me know.

PS: Did I tell you? I had an awesome time on the trip. More later.

Added Later: A sudden idea, a few minutes on google maps, then MS Paint & finally powerpoint and Voila! a little tacky but effective, no?

It seems a little crazy on the map. The Trier & Bernkastel-Kues trip was on a sudden whim and hence all the criss-cross lines. Originally, we are scheduled to drive straight to Amsterdam from Berlin.