Friday, June 09, 2006

The last grand communist conspiracy

I have watched documentaries about several communist conspiracies on Nat Geo and History and have always been amazed by their audacity. Now I think I know what the last grand communist scheme was before the Iron curtain fell. It was a brilliant scheme to enslave all the men in the west using their two principal weaknesses - women and sports.

The choice of the sport was brilliant too - Tennis, probably the one popular sport where women are as respected as men. Also a sport where the women's tennis skills is just one of the many interesting things on show .

How else can you explain the non-stop flow of stunning women who also wield a mean racquet from the ex-communist assembly line?

Anna Kournikova
Anastasia Myskina
Maria Sharapova
Elena dementieva
Svetlana Kuznetsova
and the latest Nicole Vaidisova

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Starting Trouble

I have pondered about starting a blog of my own for a long time now. Why do I want a blog and who would read it? Would my blog be as funny or popular as some of the other blogs around? I decided that the best way of answering these questions would be starting the blog. Then I was looking for a name. How can I start a blog unless I have really cool name? and what about the first post - shouldnt it be something cool and funny? well... screw the questions! For better or for worse I have decided to blog and this is my first post.

Why Spaghetti Junction? Spaghetti Junction is an traffic interchange on the I-85 a few miles from where I live in Atlanta. It is one of the more impressive interchanges on the east coast and probably in the country. Spaghetti Junction Atlanta's official name is The Tom Moreland interchange. There are a few other 'Spaghetti Junctions' in the US and in Europe. Here is a picture of Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta. Impressive eh.?

As a lover of roads and freeways the name appealed to me and more importantly a google search did not throw up any blogs with this name!! Also Knowing myself my posts will be pretty twisted and confused anyway. So its an apt name don't you think?